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Vi have opened the doors to our showroom located in the heart of Copenhagen to welcome you!  

Our present collection takes it's starting point in the original design philosophy, though designed in high quality materials; brass, glass, ceramic as well as in 100% GOTS certified organic cotton. Let us be of your assistance in choosing the most beautiful selection of design, to inspire your customers as well as  complementing your shop. 

Call us at phone +45 5069 2403 or ....book our meeting by following the link below. 

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AW23 Lamp Collection

When wintertime is approaching....we turn on the light.  Light is important to us, and the right light is even more crucial.

With our AW23 collection we introduce no less than 5 new series of lamps, each contributing to creating an inviting calm, and elegant atmosphere.

View the selection HERE

Please, do not hesitate to send an email at cathy@wholesale.com or call at tel. +45 5069 2403.

Nordic Elegance

Looking for inspiration for your customers?

Danish interior design is synonymous with simplicity in both forms and colors: light tones, subdued earthy coloursfor the multifunctional home taht also needs to serve as a home office, classroom, or work center.

Get inspired HEREHERE or call +45 5069 2403 to arrange a visit to our showroom on Nikolaj Plads in the heart of Copenhagen.

We look forward to meeting you. 

Art Pieces

Are an elegant addition to the collection, serving as a decorative element in interior design. This circular artwork creates a sense of infinity and can impart a unique and timeless aesthetic to the space. They are suitable for adding an artistic touch to the decor and can serve as a captivating conversation piece. Available in both black and steel, and in two sizes.

It's Christmas time...

Hooks & Knobs

Our absolute bestsellers, these small fine hooks are made of brass, chrome and iron. Each hook has two screws included so you can add them to kitchen cabinets, or directly on a wall for hanging your jacket.

See our large selection of hooks, knobs, hat hooks and racks right here 

It's Christmas time...

MEET OUR NOVELTIES AYA, KARL, AKSEL, ADAM, AUGUST AND GABRIEL.... They are in 100% organic GOTS certified cotton and designed in colours with only one purpose - giving your home a face-lift.

Part of 'Tomorrow Matters Collection'

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GOTS certified Tea Towel

Shop our tea towels made from 100% organic cotton. These towels are made of 100% organic GOTS certified cotton so you can wipe your plates with a clear conscience. Part of the 'Tomorrow Matters Collection'

We have a total of 56 tea towels in 11 designs.

Which design is your favorite?

Vintage Coal Cutlery

Time for a change when dining? If so, come take a closer look at our Vintage Coal cutlery. It is made in black laquered metal and has a strong double coating which can endure anything. This autumn we have added a fish fork and knife, a steak knife and a sauce spoon to the series.


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Our showroom in the heart of Copenhagen is open and we look forward to welcoming you! 



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